Times are changing. The days when furniture producers and distributors competed only on price, quality and design are in the past.

SUSTAINABILITY is a new game changer.

For us it is not just a strong sales argument or a buzzword to boost marketing.
It is our company philosophy and exciting challenge we are ready to take. 
Let’s be honest, the traditional furniture industry and supply chains for the most part are still very linear: raw materials are processed, then products are manufactured, sold and used until they are disposed.
Our goal is to shift to circular economy, which proclaims sustainability. We want to shake up the furniture industry with innovative approach and to offer our customers a collection of furniture and rugs from recycled materials like plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste.
This might seem like far from luxurious components, but in fact, final product would please highly refined aesthetic sense.
Sounds ambitious? Yes!

We want to provide the best interior solutions for environmentally conscious customers around the world.